The Reason Why Everyone Love Handmade toys


In the first place, when you are obtaining these wooden toys in Dubai, you are dodging the traps of prevalent toys that empower vicious practices, for example, toys that incorporate weapons and other brutal apparatuses. It’s likewise genuine that when you buy these sorts of toys, you are giving your youngsters alternatives. You won’t not understand it at the time, but rather by obtaining toys from little time toymakers, you are demonstrating your kids from the earliest starting point that there are in reality choices to the standard. This is one of the best behavioral advantages of wooden toys.

It should be said that by acquiring these sorts of toys, you are likewise adding a touch of something to your home. You will be astonished, yet you might just keep these wooden toys out in your home for enrichment long after your children have grown up and have headed off to college.

What about the Costs?

This is a major concern, and in light of current circumstances. In all actuality these toys can on occasion be more costly than consistent plastic toys. They are made via prepared specialists and experts, and their work requires some investment, so it additionally costs a tiny bit of cash.

With the greater part of this being stated, it’s imperative to recall that even the plastic toys that one day escape are additionally very costly, particularly with regards to activity figures and toy autos. Guardians can without much of a stretch burn through several dollars per month on plastic toys that lone wind up in the rubbish. At the point when all is said and done, you should burn through cash on toys that will be around.

Cocoon Toys:

Cocoon toys company (sells toys in UAE)  is committed to conveying safe-to-utilize toys to each kid in the country. Propelled with a casing, an image of the commencement of something as one of a kind and lovely as a butterfly, they ensure that their toys maintain the most astounding standard of value. They additionally trust in intuition green, so they just utilize eco-accommodating materials. Thus making green toys. This straightforward support of the earth is a way to maintainability, a blessing they get a kick out of the chance to offer to future kids.



5 effective ways to utilize time by Play and Learn Toys


Their online toy store highlights an awesome determination of best play and learns Toys for Children including toys for your children’s Initial Learning stage, toys that assistance create Numbers and Checking aptitudes, and toys that upgrade your kids’ Spelling gift through fun and connecting with other kids. Make certain to look at their Innovative Play area offering items that will dive your friends and family into hours of inventive play, sustaining their feeling of life and creative energy. Figure out how To Play Toys offers a library of Formative Toys that will support your youngster’s capacity in Adjust Coordination, Dexterity, Material Recognition, Engine Aptitudes, and Memory.

Why toys are considered so important in Children’s life?

The Early Learning Toys enable the children to relate the dialect to the things they play with and get notification from the environment. In view of the things they are given to play, they attempt to recognize the things and begin naming them. So pick shrewdly what to give them and what not to.


  • Car Transporter

Item Code:3591

Item Dimensions and Weight

Item Length: 27 CM

Item Width: 7 CM

Item Height: 14 CM

Price:85 AED

Review:This twofold Decker auto bearer has a moveable incline and advances and grows fine engine abilities. Improve manual aptitude and imaginative play!


Age : above 2years


  • Flower Beads Coaster

Item Code:4122

Item Dimensions and Weight

Item Width: 27 CM

Item Height: 25 CM

Price:125 AED

Review:Kids will recognize hues and protests as they circle and curve the garden themed characters along the contorted rails. Helps with preparing deftness and muscle adaptability. Specifications

Age : above 18 months



  • Highways and Byways

Item Code:4123

Item Measurements and Weight

Item Length: 28 CM

Item Width: 20 CM

Item Height: 26 CM

Price: 135 AED

Review: Your youngster will appreciate pretend and narrating as they move the transportation themed protests around the rails. Creates deftness and engine abilities!


Age :above 18 months


  • Numbers beads

Item Code:3637

Item Measurements and Weight

Item Length: 40 CM

Item Width: 4 CM

Item Height: 2 CM

Price:34 AED

Review: Ribbon and Learn! Your youngster will mastermind and perceive numbers as they figure out how to tally and distinguish hues. Supports smoothness and fine engine aptitudes.


Age :Above 18 months


  • Forest Beads

Item Code:3634

Item Measurements and Weight

Item Length: 44 CM

Item Width: 5 CM

Item Height: 2 CM

Price: 49 AED

Review: Your kid will figure out how to distinguish backwoods creatures, as they enhance their fine engine aptitudes with fun inventive play!


Age :Above 18 months

What’s So Trendy About This Best Seller of Toy In UAE That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?


Best Green Toys in UAE:

Every caterpillar needs to spin a silky cocoon and molt into a chrysalis before becoming a butterfly. Likewise, every child should stretch their imagination, learn, and have fun through play before becoming a full-grown man or woman. With Cocoon Toys, all kids can indulge themselves in the best selection of toys.

Let your child’s imagination fly with our naturally entertaining toys, crafted with green materials to ensure that they stay safe while having fun.

With children, you can never be too safe. You give them a toy, and they’re bound to chew on it sooner or later. Thus, getting a chic and affordable toy will no longer cut it. You also need to consider its materials and whether they are organic. With Cocoon Toys, you’ll enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly products and more.

Raise environmental awareness

If you want to have children that would become responsible adults and understand the value of a balanced ecosystem, then you must teach them while they’re young. Teach them to embrace sustainable products.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

You can get the toy you ordered for as fast as 24 hours, depending on your location. With our efficient delivery system, there’s little to no chance of missing our delivery dates.

Stimulate mind through colors

We have a line of products painted in vibrant colors to make it stand out. The paints used are non-toxic, so they will not harm your child. Moreover, they are coated with strong external coating; thus, the colors are strong enough to withstand time.


Improve mental prowess

Cocoon Toys select products that would stimulate children either by identifying color, building their own model, or solving puzzles. Organic toys are proven to have a better positive psychological effect on children, too.

Promote physical activity

Our outdoor toys are designed so as to help children exert effort and improve their physical condition. When they are given a chance to ride a wooden motorbike or strike wooden pins, then they’ll be able to play and get their exercise at the same time.

Guard health and wellness

Wooden toys are the best alternative to plastic toys especially since they are non-toxic. Thus, they can be safely used by children of any ages. Moreover, wooden toys don’t use electricity, batteries, etc. so you can be more at ease while your child is playing.

Stir the imagination

Inspire the child to be more generous with their imagination with Cocoon Toys. In other words, our wooden products can help nurture your kid’s creativity and develop their imaginative mind further.


Customer Service:

They respect your requests set online every minute of every day. Or, then again you can email ( or telephone (+971 56 733 3429) your request if that is more advantageous for you. They always love to help with any inquiries you have or give exhortation on items or measuring. You can converse with them straightforwardly amid the business hours recorded beneath.